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‘Super Tuesday 2.0’ could have long term impact on politics


Washington: With Republicans gearing up for a decisive vote in five US states, spotlight would be on the controversial frontrunner Donald Trump as the outcome could potentially seal the party’s presidential nomination after one of the most polarised polls in American history.

A win for Trump, 69, as latest polls indicate, could very well bring the billionaire real estate magnate very closer to the magical figure of 1,237 delegates needed the win the party’s presidential nomination for the November 8 election.

Given his election rhetoric which has rattled the Republican establishment and the opposition Democratic presidential aspirants, Trump could make it one of the most polarised elections in American history.

Trump, who has so far won primaries and caucuses in 14 States is said to be the favorite in Florida, North Carolina, Illinois and Missouri, while in Ohio he is engaged in a neck and neck fight with the State Governor John Kasich, 63.

Days ahead of the Super Tuesday 2.0, Trump’s rallies have been marred by protests and even violence. He had to cancel his election meeting in Chicago on Friday due to clashes between his supporters and protesters. On Saturday, one of the protesters jumped over the fence and reached the stage when Trump was speaking in Dayton Ohio.

Many experts have said this is because of Trump’s campaign narrative against a section of the society. His rivals have accused him of inciting violence or indulging in political arson. The White House has alleged that Trump is inflaming tension. Trump, however, strongly refutes these allegations.

His rallies are drawing large crowds as compared to other candidates, despite the fact that top Republican leadership has ganged up against him and are pulling out all their energy to prevent him reaching the magical figure of 1237 delegates.

Under the strategy developed by Mitt Romney, the 2012 presidential candidate of the party, the party establishment is rallying behind Kasich in Ohio and Senator Marco Rubio in Florida, who have the best chances of winning these winner- take-all States.

In Florida 99 delegates are at stake while in Ohio 66 delegates. Illinois has 69 and Missouri has 52 delegates. In all more than 360 delegates are at stake on what is now being called as Super Tuesday 2.0.