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Shanghai to cancel massive gatherings ‘if necessary’


Shanghai: Shanghai decided Tuesday to tighten controls on large gatherings after the stampede that killed 36 people during the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Mass activities in Shanghai will face stricter registration procedures, and will be cancelled if they violate safety rules, Xinhua cited Zhou Bo, vice mayor of Shanghai, as saying at a national conference on workplace safety.

The stampede occurred on Shanghai’s historic riverfront walk, the Bund, where tens of thousands of people gathered to ring in the New Year.

The tragedy in one of China’s wealthiest and most modern cities has cast a shadow over urban management and emergency response in the crowded cities.

Zhou said Shanghai was making changes to emergency procedures and rearranging scheduled gatherings.

On Tuesday, Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong said the city should draw a “bloody lesson” from the stampede and reflect deeply.