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Saudi Arabia gives driving rights to women, but here are 8 things women in Saudi still can’t do


Saudi Arabia has many restrictions on women but slowly and slowly the country is removing the restriction and reforming the rules. Today Saudi Arabia has announced that women will be allowed to drive for the first time in the ultra-conservative kingdom next summer, fulfilling a key demand of women’s rights activists who faced detention for defying the ban. The kingdom was the only the country in the world to bar women from driving and for years had garnered negative publicity internationally for detaining women who defied the ban.

The decision was applauded in world and Saudi government has been praised. But there are many bans on women in Saudi that she can’t do without permission.

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Permission to marry must be granted by your guardian. Women who seek to marry foreigners must obtain approval to do by the ministry of interior, and marriage to non-Muslims is so difficult as to be impossible.


Women are not allowed to travel without the permission of a male guardian — usually their father or husband.

 Bank account

Women are not allowed to open bank account, she needs her husband permission to open a bank account.


 Women cannot eat freely in public. They must eat under their face veil.


Passports and identification cards must be obtained with the permission of a male guardian. Women are usually also not allowed to leave the home alone.


They can’t live houses without Abaya a long coat which covers the whole body, in many years there

has been changes in the colour of abaya, decoration and design which as made easy for the ladies.

Interact with men

Conversations and time spent with men who are not family members is limited. In public, restaurants, universities and other spaces have both a ‘family’ section and a section reserved for men.

Custody of children

 Women are not allowed to take the custody of there children after divorce until the kids reach the age of seven (boys) and nine (girls).