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Saudi Arabia arrests suspect in killing of two soldiers


soldier killed

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry announced on Friday it arrested a man on suspicion of killing two soldiers in Riyadh, media reported.

Interior ministry spokesperson Mansoor Al Turki said at a press conference that the suspect is a Saudi national, 23, who confessed shooting at two soldiers in Riyadh earlier this month, Xinhua news agency reported citing Al Arabia news.

The suspect said the shooting was part of instructions he received from the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in Syria. He was told to stay inside Saudi Arabia and make homemade bombs.

He added that a person who talking in Moroccan accent met him in Riyadh and assigned him with the assassination job.

The ministry confiscated weapons, ammunition and money when arresting him.

Separately, the ministry foiled on Friday blasts by confiscating seven cars, among which three were planted with explosives.

From messages in confiscated phones, the ministry revealed a connection between criminal suspects here and terrorists in Syria.

On April 20, Saudi Arabia announced plans to tighten security in different areas, mainly Riyadh, after being tipped off of terror attack attempts.