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Rebels move near Yemen parliament after president quits


Sana’a: The Shia Houthi rebels moved close to the Yemeni parliament Friday after President Abdo Rabu Mansour Hadi and his cabinet resigned.

The Houthi gunmen set up barricades in the streets that lead to the House of Representatives near the Tahrir Square in the heart of Sana’a, where they blocked traffic.

The parliament is the only legitimate authority in the country following the resignation of Hadi and his cabinet late Thursday, days after the Houthis seized the presidential palace in the country’s capital.

The parliament will hold an emergency meeting chaired by the Speaker Yahia Raie Sunday to discuss the country’s situation, official news agency SABA reported.

It is also to be decided at the meeting whether Hadi’s resignation will be accepted or rejected.

In a statement issued Thursday, the rebel movement called for its followers to stage a protest Friday to show their support for “revolutionary steps.

The Shia rebels also asked the military leaders of the country to take responsibility for calming the situation.

Hadi, who came to power three years ago, said in his resignation statement that he had “reached a dead end.

The Shia fighters had taken control of seven Yemeni provinces, including the capital, where tension escalated this week after their attack on the presidential palace.