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Ready for meaningful dialogue with new Indian govt: Pak Prez


Beijing: Pakistan today said it is ready to engage in a meaningful and sustained dialogue with the new Indian government to resolve outstanding issues.

Pakistan seeks friendship and good-neighbourly relations with India, Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain said while addressing the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) in Shanghai.

Pakistan is ready to engage in a meaningful and sustained dialogue with the new government in India to address outstanding issues and establish friendly and cooperative bilateral relations, he said.

Hussain was among the 11 heads of State who attended the CICA summit inaugurated by Chinese President Xi Jinping today, Pakistan’s official APP news agency reported.

On the issue of terrorism, Hussain said it was imperative that the global struggle against terrorism was waged within the framework of international law and in full respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states.

“Terrorism knows no borders, no religion and no creed and it should be associated with none. We will continue to raise our voice against attempts of religious stereotyping and profiling,” he said.

Talking about Afghanistan, Hussain said Pakistan will continue to support an inclusive, Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process in the country.

He said Pakistan is committed to working with Afghanistan to expand mutual trade and economic cooperation and stand in solidarity with the “Afghan brethren as they brave the natural calamity in Badakhshan province.”

Confidence building measures and peaceful resolution of disputes would help achieve the objectives of collective security in Asia, Hussain said.

“Pakistan is desirous of a stable, peaceful and prosperous Asia guided by the ‘Asian Spirit’ and the goal of creating ‘Asian Harmony’,” he said.