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Plans to rebuild Nepal in 3 years: Consul General



Kolkata: Nepal government has set up a three-year deadline to rebuild the country devastated by the April 25 earthquake and its several aftershocks. “The government of Nepal has planned to restore the nation in the next three years. This may sound a bit ambitious, but our Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has set three years to restore and rebuild the country,” Consul General of Nepal in Kolkata Chandra Kumar Ghimire told reporters here today.

“As far as heritage sites are concerned, which are the most delicate part of our restoration process, it may take another seven to eight years to restore all of them to their original form,” Ghimire said. The official was speaking on the “Status of Nepal after Earthquake” organised by the MCC Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “There is a plan, which our authorities concerned and technical teams are working on. We are lucky, in this endeavour Nepal is not alone. The entire world wants to see the revival of these properties. Some important archives in different parts of the world, mainly in Western countries, have assured of help with technical details of the designs. If those are available, I think we will be able to revive the heritage buildings,” Ghimire said.

Describing April 25 as a “Black Day” in the history of Nepal, the envoy said “We have lost around 35 per cent of our GDP to the devastation. A huge task is before us as are supposed to provide shelter to all affected families, which must be at least roofed with corrugated sheets.”

“That’s the mission of the Nepal government, to rehabilitate them in the best possible way. We will provide them with low cost earthquake-proof houses,” he said. “Public utility systems such as highways, power supply and telecommunication must be built. To manage the post disaster plan, our planners have suggested we will require USD 5-10 billion for the total reconstruction and restoration,” Ghimire stated.