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Partial Solar Eclipse 2018: Where to watch LIVE streaming, and countries where it will be visible


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The first solar eclipse of 2018 is here. The said eclipse is a partial solar eclipse (aanshik surya grahan).Total solar eclipse and partial solar eclipse are different as in the latter only part of the solar disk is obscured. Scientists have warned that any kind of eclipse should not be watched with naked eyes keeping in mind the health reasons.

Also known as Aanshik surya graham, it is going to take place today on February 15 and will be visible in countries like Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay, and in Antarctica, reported India TV. People can watch the live streaming on the YouTube channel of NASA. It can be seen from 6:55 PM to 10:47 PM (UTC) and 12:25 AM to 4:17 AM (IST, February 16).

Watching solar eclipse or partial solar eclipse with naked eyes, even for few seconds, can result in impairment of vision. So, please don’t get carried away and use requisite solar filters.

NASA has strongly suggested that people should be careful while watching this spectacle and should buy foolproof solar filters. In case, they are scratched or damaged, don’t use it. Don’t remover your filters while watching the eclipse. First turn and then remove it. Don’t look at the partially eclipsed sun with telescope, binoculars or unfiltered camera.