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Paris summit: Youths warn of disastrous impact


New Delhi:Youths of four nations including India have warned that failure to reach an accord in the upcoming Paris climate change summit will not only have “disastrous” impact on environmental issues but will also undermine key social problems. The view was highlighted in a new climate change report “Climate Action: Youth Voices” in which youths were approached to ascertain their view and knowledge on climate change and the forthcoming conference in Paris.

Although the youths of Europe and Asia were hopeful of an internationally binding agreement at the Paris COP21 later this month, the study also found “skepticism” in them that the agreement will be fully ratified and enforced. There was also a lack of awareness amongst the youths about the Paris climate change summit but all agreed that political leadership will be vital in reaching an accord.

The report was published by Professor Matthew Hibberd, Head of Communications, Media and Culture at University of Stirling, and Alka Tomar from the Centre for Environment Communication. “In the research conducted, young people warn however that failure to achieve an agreement in Paris will not only have a disastrous impact on environmental issues but will also undermine key social problems that have been worsened by climate change,” the study said.

The study was conducted to ascertain views on climate change of youths. Institutions from the four countries, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK, CEC, New Delhi, LUISS University, Rome in Italy and USSH University of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, were involved and around 800 youths and organisations were interviewed.

“While youth hope for an agreement (at proposed Paris meet), there is also skepticism that any agreement will be fully ratified and enforced, partly as a failure by many countries to respect the Kyoto Accords,” Professor Matthew Hibberd said.