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Pakistani-origin politicians on ISIS hit-list


London: Britain’s two prominent Pakistani-origin Muslim politicians – business secretary Sajid Javid and former Conservative party chairperson Sayeeda Warsi – have featured on a hit-list published by ISIS terror group.

Javid and Warsi – both born in the UK to Pakistani immigrant parents – feature as “overt crusaders” for their role in secular politics in the latest issue of ISIS propaganda magazine ‘Dabiq’, The Times reported.

They are described as “overt crusaders who don’t proselytise but instead directly involve themselves in politics and enforcing the laws of kufr (infidels).”

“Such apostates were more deserving of death even than infidels,” the magazine said. Both politicians, who openly speak out against extremism, have not responded to the ISIS article.

The same article has also singled out those clerics who criticise ISIS and said they should be slaughtered.

“It makes me even more determined to speak out against them loudly and do everything in my power to defeat their hate mantra,” Ajmal Masroor, a popular imam and television presenter, wrote on Facebook. Written in English, ‘Dabiq’ is seen as an ISIS propaganda magazine aimed at western audiences.

The magazine also identified those behind the Brussels terror attacks and praised them along with their photographs.