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Pakistani hulk claims to be world strongest man alive!


Zydrunas Savickas is the world strongest man but there is a 24-year-old guy from Pakistan who claims that he is the world strongest man alive.

Pakistani Hulk known as Khizar Hayat Khan. Hayat, who is popularly known as Khan Baba, hails from the city of Mardan, in northern Pakistan. The 24 year old weighs 440 kilograms and he is over 6 feet tall.

His weight begun to increase when Khan Baba was 18-years-old and he wishes to increase his weight more to become a professional wrestler.

Talking about his diet, Khan Baba stated “I consume 10,000 calories daily. In one meal, I eat 2 kilograms of meat and chicken in addition to rice, bread, fruit and a liter of milk, and I want my weight to reach 500 kg, I can lift five thousand kilograms, and stop a tractor with one hand, I also exercise for three hours daily. “

Khan Baba has turned a local celebrity in his city and people of Pakistan think that he is the strongest man in world. But that is not enough for Khan Baba he want to achieve more in his life and wants to try his hands in world wrestling.

Time will tell if Khan Baba is worthy of the name “Hulk”, but until he actually proves himself.