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Pakistan issues new strategic export control list


Islamabad: Pakistan, which has world’s fastest -growing nuclear arsenal, today issued a revised export control list of goods, technologies, materials and equipment related to nuclear and biological weapons and their delivery systems.

Foreign Office said in a statement that it has been done under a government law of 2004, which enables the government to control export, re-export, trans-shipment and transit of goods, technologies, material and equipment related to nuclear and biological weapons.

“The notification signifies the continuing resolve and policy of Pakistan as a responsible nuclear state to advance the shared goals of non-proliferation,” he statement said. It said that as part of regular review process, the Strategic Export Control Division (SECDIV) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the new control lists, in consultation with other ministries and departments.

The original export lists of sensitive materials were notified in 2005. Pakistan, a non-signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), has an arsenal of as many as 120 nuclear weapons and is expected to triple that in a decade, according to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

Pakistan has also been accused of proliferating nuclear designs and technologies and its disgraced nuclear scientist A Q Khan had confessed in 2004 to the illicit transfer of nuclear weapons technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea, after which he was put under house arrest.