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Norway aims for 40 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030


Oslo: The Government of Norway has said that it is aiming for a 40 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030.

In December 2015, a new global climate agreement is to be concluded at the UN Climate Conference in Paris. All countries have been invited to submit their intended nationally determined contributions, containing emissions reductions targets, well in advance of Paris.

Norway has become the third country to submit its intended contribution, after Switzerland and the EU, and is committed to a 40 percent reduction target compared to 1990 levels.

To have a successful outcome of the Climate Conference in Paris, it is important that countries submit their contributions on emission reductions well in advance of the meeting, and that they are ambitious. Our target is well in line with the emission reductions that are needed to met the two degree target. I am very pleased that Norway can keep to the deadline, says Climate and Environment Minister Tine Sundtoft

The aim is to fulfil the emission reduction target as a collective delivery with the EU and its member states. Around 50% of Norway’s emissions are already covered by the emission trading system (ETS) of the EU.

In addition, a national target for emission reductions will be established for sectors outside the ETS. Norway will enter into a dialogue with the EU on an agreement for the collective delivery of the climate target.

If there is no agreement on a collective delivery with the EU, Norway will fulfil the commitment independently. The ambition level of at least 40 percent reduction will remain the same.

“A collective delivery for Norway and the EU on climate change is a step in the right direction. Both Norway and the EU have high ambitions on climate, and view climate measures in the context of long term transition to low emission societies. By linking our climate efforts, we can achieve better results,” said Sundtoft

“The solution with the EU means that the 40 percent temission reduction will be implemented in Europe, without the use of international market mechanisms outside of the EU and Norway. If it can contribute to a global and ambitious climate agreement in Paris, Norway will consider taking a commitment beyond an emission reduction of 40% compared to 1990 levels, through the use of flexible mechanisms under the UN framework convention, beyond a collective delivery with the EU. It is important that the Paris climate agreement includes market based mechanisms. By using the market, countries can raise ambitions collectively,” said Sundtoft.