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Netanyahu to discuss Moscow’s weapon supply to Syria


Benjamion Netanyahu

Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will head to Russia next week and discuss with President Vladimir Putin Russia’s military aid to Syria, according to the prime minister’s office.

Netanyahu will discuss the “deployment of Russian forces” in Syria, the “supply of advanced weapons” and the threat to Israel’s security, as some of the weapons may trickle to Hezbollah and other militant organisations, Xinhua reported.

Russia has been criticised by western countries for its support to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad amid the ongoing civil war in the country.

On Tuesday, US officials accused Russia of positioning half a dozen T-90 tanks and artillery on a Syrian airfield near Latakia, which was controlled by forces loyal to President Assad, according to international media outlets.

Tensions between Jerusalem and Moscow have somewhat intensified in recent months, after Russia announced it would sell S-300 missile defence system to Iran in April.

The two countries are set to sign a supply agreement later this week, according to recent statements by Russian officials.