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Nearly 3.5 lakh internally displaced people in Assam: NGO


Geneva: India had a staggering 345,000 internally displaced persons in Assam alone in 2014 and at least 850,000 IDPs overall in the last five years, a Norwegian NGO for refugees has said. “The accumulated number that we are operating with is 850,000 of total displacement (for India in the last five years). But Assam alone had 345,000 people displaced by ethnic violence in the course of 2014 and that is certainly an increase in that province,” said Jan Egeland, Secretary General of Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) said.

“In the long list (of the global overview of 2015 for internally displaced people report) you will also see places that we talk too little about,” he said. The NRC along with the UN Refugee Agency launched the findings for 2014 on the numbers of global internal displacement after a survey of 60 countries with internal displacement.

According to the NRC, a record of 38 million people were internally displaced worldwide in 2014 as 30,000 people fled their homes each day in the same year. “Because 2014 we have documented was the worst year certainly in my 35 years as a humanitarian worker. Why did we reach reach 38 million because there were 11 million displaced in 2014 alone.

“11 million is twice the population of Norway and Denmark. 38 million is the total population of New York, London and Beijing combined. Its the third year in a row that we present record high figures. We cannot continue like this,” Egeland said.