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Musharraf counting on review petition, foreign friends for escaping from Pak


Islamabad: Former Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf seems to be banking upon the review petition against the Supreme Court’s order in the high treason case, as well as some political deal under discussion with his foreign friends for his escape from the country.

Although Musharraf has consistently been saying that he will face all cases instituted against him, he is not appearing before the special court, constituted to decide the high treason case against him, the Nation reports.

According to the report, if the review petition is accepted, the treason case will come to an end.

Musharraf has been trying to go abroad on the pretext of medical treatment since the hearing for the high treason case against him began early this month.

There were reports that a foreign deal is underway for Musharraf’s rescue during the recent visit of the Saudi foreign minister to Pakistan.

However, the government has ruled out the possibility of allowing Musharraf to leave the country and also denied that any foreign country is playing any role in rescuing him.