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Madman Vs Rocket Man: What to expect in meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un


Well, both are well known for one thing, that is scaring their allies and enemy alike. At a time, they both had threatened to destroy half of the planet with nuclear weapons, and also took potshots at each other. While Kim Jong-un called Donald Trump “madman”, on the other hand in return Trump called him “little rocket man”. But now President Donald Trump has accepted North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s dramatic offer to meet.

Well, the historic meet will be held in May, the venue is still a question, as one who likes to travel the world —Donald Trump— and another one never leaves his so-called fortress— Kim Jong-un. The funny part is that it was just months before both of them were on a verge of breaking out a nuclear war. And now, they are going to meet for denuclearisation. Unreal, but true!

But will this meeting create history or will this baked idea will end up as a complete disaster? No sitting American President has ever met a North Korean leader, and this dramatic meet between two who have spent the past year making belligerent statements about each other, with Trump mocking Kim as “Little Rocket Man” and pledging to “totally destroy” North Korea and Kim calling the American President a “dotard” and a “lunatic” and threatening to send nuclear bombs to Washington DC.

The historic meeting was brokered by the South Korean government, which delivered the invitation to the White House, and has one agenda to denuclearisation. While North also agreed to suspend nuclear and missile tests during such future talks — a longstanding US demand. The US and North Korea do not even have formal diplomatic relations and the two nations remain in a state of war — because the 1950-53 Korean War ended with an armistice.

Well, we all know nothing is going to come out of this meeting, no world peace, no business and no peace between the two countries. The meeting can also be dropped at last moment, as both leaders have a tendency of going back on their words.

When a reporter asked Trump about the announcement pertaining to talks between the US and North Korea, Trump responded: “It’s almost beyond that.”

“Hopefully, you will give me credit,” he added.

Well, Mr President, it’s a two-way effort as both are equally into it for threatening each other and then going back to being friends. Let’s see how long this friendship lasts, and how long both can stay away from their nuclear buttons.