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Madhesi parties in Nepal issue fresh ultimatum to government


Kathmandu: The “Sanghiya Gathabandhana” — an alliance of 29 Janjati and Madhes-centric parties protesting against the new constitution — on Monday issued a 15-day ultimatum to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ to register a proposal for a constitutional amendment that accommodates their demands.

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Sanghiya Samajwadi Forum Nepal Chairman Upendra Yadav submitted a reminder letter on the matter to Prachanda at his office in Singha Durbar on behalf of the alliance.

According to a source, Yadav, while handing over the memorandum, said: “The registration of the amendment proposal won’t suffice unless it accommodates our opinion. The proposal should be agreeable to us and fulfil our demands.

“We are ready to wait for another 15 days. But the proposal should be agreeable to us.”

In response, Prachanda assured him that he was working to register the amendment proposal in a couple of days.

The Madhes-centric parties associated with the alliance have been carrying out a protest movement pressing for fulfilment of thair demands, especially demarcation of the provincial borders, citizenship and proportional inclusive representation based on population, among others.

Noting that the main achievement of the Madhesi movement was the downfall of the K.P. Oli-led government, the ‘Sanghiya Gathabandhana’ demanded implementation of the agreement signed by the alliance, the Nepali Congress and the Communist Party of Nepal-Unity Centre at the time of the formation of the present government.

The memorandum further stated: “It is necessary to address the important issues as federalism, national identity, representation in the state apparatuses on the basis of population, proportional and inclusive representation, good governance, electoral system, the federal judicial system and elimination of the caste-based, regional and gender-based discrimination and inequality, in such a way that the grievances of the Madhesis and indigenous nationalities, among others, are redressed.”

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The alliance has also mentioned in the memorandum that it would be compelled to again resort to a protest movement if the amendment proposal is not registered within the set deadline.