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Lanka to renew engagements with UN


6.6.2011, predavanje dr. Amritha Rohana Perere, predsednika ad hoc odbora OZN za ukrepe za odpravo mednarodnega terorizma in clana Mednarodne pravne komisije (ILC) z naslovom "ODGOVOR NA SVETOVNI TERORIZEM: POBUDE OZN ZA OKREPITEV MEDNARODNEGA SODELOVANJA V BOJU PROTI TERORIZMU", Institut IFIMES, Center evropa, Dalmatinova 4, Ljubljana, foto: IFP

Colombo: In a bid to strengthen the relations with the United Nations, Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, Ambassador Dr. Rohan Perera, has said that the new administration in the country will engage with the global body with a renewed vigour.

The Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka in New York on Monday celebrated the 60th anniversary of the admission of Sri Lanka to the UN.

IN his address at the 60th Anniversary of Sri Lanka’s admission to the UN, Perara said that the relationship between the UN and his country has undergone stresses and strains especially during the conflict and in its immediate aftermath.

Further, Perara claimed that the nation has been contributing significantly to the UN Peacekeeping operations to maintain peace and security around the world