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‘IS recruiting from Norway asylum camps’



London: Islamic State (IS) extremists have been spotted attempting to recruit refugees from asylum camps in Norway, a media report said on Saturday. Supporters of the Islamic terrorist group were spotted chatting to Syrians at an asylum centre in capital city Oslo, the Mirror online quoted police officials as saying. Authorities have already registered concerns that, given their desperate situation, refugees may be vulnerable to radicalisation as they flee towards European cities. “We have seen signs that extreme Islamists have approached the reception centres and asylum seekers,” a spokesman for the Norwegian Police Security Service said. “They have been there to get contacts.” Hugo Limkjaer, the manager of the asylum centre in Oslo, also confirmed that IS supporters had been spotted talking to the refugees. “We had an incident here with an Islamist who has been in Norway for some years. His message was that the West had helped to destroy his homeland and they had to stand together within Islam,” the manager said.