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Indian man jailed for peeping into ladies washroom in Dubai


Dubai: A 26-year-old Indian man has been jailed for three months in Dubai for peeping into ladies’ washroom in a mosque. A Saudi translator, who complained about the incident said she had seen the worker watching her from behind the cubicle’s concrete wall.

The worker who sneaked into a ladies’ washroom in a mosque and watched a woman using the facility was sentenced to three months in jail, The Khaleej Times reported today. The Indian was found guilty of molestation has been ordered to be deported by the Court of First Instance, the report said.

He claimed in the public prosecution investigation to have entered the washroom to clean its walls and ventilation fan. “I passed by the accused and saw him watering the plants in the yard. Shortly after I entered the cubicle, I smelt an odour…of sweat. It lasted for four to five minutes,” 47-year-old said.

According to the woman, nobody else had entered the washroom. The accused fled the scene when she screamed. When she came out of the washroom, he was in the yard and she called the police on the spot.

Her statement was taken by Bur Dubai Police and the worker was arrested. “He is allowed to do the cleaning work…(at a specific time)…after making sure it is vacant. It is a very small place and he could easily know if anybody is using it,” worker’s Iraqi supervisor said.