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India will actively engage with neighbours: Swaraj


Sushma Swaraj

Dhaka: Spelling out the new Indian government’s foreign policy towards its neighbours, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj today said India would actively engage with them to ensure security, stability and prosperity for all nations.

“We are convinced that India’s development cannot be complete and sustainable unless we succeed in building productive partnerships with our immediate neighbours,” she said while addressing scholars at the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies here.

“We will pursue a policy of active engagement with our neighbours with the aim of ensuring security, stability and prosperity for all. We will, therefore, devote our energy to working much more closely with our neighbours in pursuit of our development goals,” she said.

Swaraj stressed that India will walk the extra mile to create opportunities and to build virtuous cycles of prosperity in the region.

India will pursue the goal of economic integration and interconnectedness through trade, investment, transportation, capacity building, environment friendly practices and means that promote equitable development in the region, she said.

“My Government is committed to pursuing new approaches and fresh thinking and will be guided by the core values of our civilisation. We will strive to shift our model from youth development to youth-led development,” said the External Affairs Minister who is on a two-day visit to this country.

Swaraj spelt out the NDA government’s foreign policy, saying it will be based on the principles of developing peaceful and friendly relations with all countries, anchored in enlightened national self-interest.

“It will combine the strength of our values with
pragmatism, leading to a doctrine of mutually beneficial relationships,” she said.

India will actively engage with neighbours: Swaraj