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India, Pakistan must work to better ties: Daily



Islamabad: Pakistan-India relations are too important for either side to scuttle the aspirations for peace by the people in both the countries, a leading Pakistani newspaper said on Thursday. The Dawn said in an editorial that “the emerging and familiar trend” in the bilateral relationship needed to be fought. The editorial came amid a definite slide in India-Pakistan relations in recent months.

The Dawn admitted “there is some merit to the arguments made by both sides” but added that the bilateral dialogue Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared to have in mind “is very different (from) the concerns Pakistan has”. It said while Pakistan had never rejected discussing terrorism-related issues, Modi and and his government seem opposed to talks over the Kashmir dispute. “Pakistan downplays India’s terrorism concerns.”

It said “it is unreasonable of India to not want to discuss the Kashmir dispute, it is unrealistic of Pakistan to believe India will simply move on from major terrorist incidents with the passage of time. “Amidst the cooling bilateral relationship, there remains at least one island of hope: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. “The Prime Minister’s willingness and ability to personally reach out to Modi is established.

“Similarly, domestically Sharif has shown a hitherto unknown capacity for restraint and a willingness to find ways to work with the military leadership. “What remains to be seen is if the Prime Minister can pull off the ultimate balancing act between the complaints of Modi and the demands of the (Pakistani) military leadership.”