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In China, a reporter rolls eyes at a fellow journalist, video goes viral; sparks viral memes: Watch


A Chinese reporter’s disbelieving look to a fellow journalist’s question at the National People’s Congress was caught on camera and in no time, it became viral, becoming widely discussed topic.

The roll-eye came in response to a lengthy question at one of the heavily-scripted press conference held on a sideline of China’s annual Parliament, the National People’s Congress. The reporter was identified as Liang Xiangyi from financial news site Yicai. In the clip, Liang is seen rolling her eyes and looking disdainful as a fellow reporter, Zhang Huijun from American Multimedia Television USA, asks her question.

Reporter named, Zhang Huijan, a Shanghai-based financial journalist, clad in red. As Zhang speaks, Liang at first, glances at her with a natural expression. However, as she drags on the question, Liang looks away and rolls her eyes several times.

Meanwhile, her facial expressions are now going viral. Within hours people dressed in red and blue, filming while imitating the two women.