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First results of Myanmar parliamentary poll declared


Myanmar flag

Nay Pyi Taw(Myanmar): Opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) established an early lead as results of Sunday’s parliamentary poll in Myanmar began coming in on Monday, officials said.

The NLD captured 12 seats from the Yangon region in the House of Representatives — the 440-seat lower house of Myanmar’s bicameral legislature where 330 members are directly elected while 110 are appointed by the Myanmar Armed Forces. The ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) won one seat of the total 13 declared so far by Myanmar’s Union Election Commission (UEC), Xinhua news agency reported.

The NLD also bagged three seats to the Yangon Regional Parliament. The remaining result will be successively announced by the election commission six times daily until completion of the vote-count, UEC Chairman U Tin Aye said.

A total of 6,038 candidates involving 91 political parties and 310 independent aspirants competed for over 1,000 seats for the three-tiered Myanmarese parliament in Sunday’s election .Of the total, 1,733 candidates ran for seats of the House of Representatives (Lower House), 886 for the House of Nationalities (Upper House), and 3,419 for Region or State Parliament.

Myanmar is divided into twenty-one administrative subdivisions, which include seven states, seven regions, six self-administered zones and one self-administered division. Each State and Region has a State legislature or Regional legislature made up of elected civilian members and representatives of the Armed Forces. The 2015 general elections are the second in Myanmar after the previous military government handed over state power to a civilian government in 2011 through the first elections held in 2010.