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First book on MH370 mystery blaming US ‘war games’ to go on sale in Australia


Sydney :  As the search for the missing Malaysia Airline Flight MH370 is set to enter its tenth week, the first book about the disaster, with a theory about what might have happened, is said to go on sale in Australia on Monday.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Flight MH370 The Mystery, which is made available by NewSouth Books in Sydney, doesn’t claim to have any answers but to some extent supports the theory that the aircraft may have been accidentally shot down during a joint Thai-US military exercise in the South China Sea.

The book also talks about the chances of a possible ‘cover up’ of the actual facts by the concerned nations, who could have released misinformation to lead people to search in the wrong place.

The publicity for the book reads that in an age where a stolen smart phone can be pinpointed to any location on earth, the vanishing of this aircraft, which had 237 people, including passengers and crew, on board is the greatest mystery since the Mary Celeste.

The book, written by author and journalist Nigel Cawthorne, records the events, emotions and theories unfolding on a backdrop of fruitless searches, the report adds.