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Facebook official Andreessen deletes foul tweet after Twitterati backslash


After having failed to peddle their money making venture as some great philanthropic gesture, Facebook board member Marc Andreessen today decided to vent his frustration over twitter by terming TRAI India’s decision to do way with the idea of  differential pricing as an “anti-colonialist” and suggested that the country would have been better off under British rule.

With tender sensibilities being hurt over a ‘poor country’s’  blatant  rejection of  the self assumed Big Brother’s holier-than-thou charity plans, Andreessen took on the twitter to share their two cents.

Andreessen, or @pmarca as he’s known on Twitter, wrote: “Anti-colonialism has been economically catastrophic for the Indian people for decades. Why stop now?”


“Another in a long line of economically suicidal decisions made by the Indian government against its own citizens,” he tweeted.


“Denying world’s poorest free partial Internet connectivity when today they have none, for ideological reasons, strikes me as morally wrong.”

Athough Andreessen deleted the tweets shortly after raising enormous flak from Indians worldwide; this did not stop twitterati from making their angry opinions known.

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Riding high over the victory of net neutrality, Indians on twitter didn’t let Andreessen and his partner off the hook as easily as they might have anticipated.

Giving back as good as they got, this is how Twitterati reacted:


Soon after, the mocking began with twitterati  comparing Facebook to East India Company. Currently #East India Company is trending on twitter.