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Ex-hubby sued for posting divorce details on Facebook in Qatar


Dubai: A woman in Qatar has sued her former husband after he posted details of their divorce on Facebook. She said the posting of the details of the emotionally-charged separation on a social network caused her distress and affected her public reputation. In the complaint, the woman said her former husband meant to insult her by posting the details of the divorce on the popular social network, prompting friends to ask her about what happened during the marriage and the reasons for their separation, Gulf News reported today.

“His attitude affected my professional career and made me feel so uneasy with the flow of questions about the marriage and the divorce that I decided to move to another place. I am still concerned he will do it again,” the report quoted Qatari daily Al Sharq as saying. According to the woman, her ex-husband used the Facebook account of one of his friends to publish the divorce decision pronounced by the Sharia court.

In her complaint, she said she wanted justice for what happened to her. She also wanted legal assurances that her former husband would not bother her in any way. The case is to be reviewed by a court soon, the daily said.