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Eiffel Tower closed by strike action


Paris: The Eiffel Tower was closed to the public today as unions went on strike to demand that plans to change France’s labour laws be scrapped. “The Eiffel Tower is closed today due to the national strike,” the Paris monument’s website announced.

The tower’s operating company, the SETE, said some of the personnel “had made it known that they would take part in a multi-sector day of action. As there are not enough staff to open the monument and provide the required welcome and security for the public, the tower will be closed.”

The tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, drawing nearly seven million people last year, 80 per cent of them from abroad.

Between 15,000 and 20,000 people visit it each day. Tourists who had made reservations for today will be reimbursed, the tower said.

The labour reforms seek to reduce France’s stubborn 10-percent unemployment rate by making it easier for employers to hire and fire workers. Detractors say it undermines job security.

The monument was lit up in rainbow colours yesterday in solidarity with victims of a massacre at a gay nightcub in Orlando, Florida.