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Egypt reopens Rafah crossing for the second time


Rafah crossing point egypt

Cario: Egypt today reopened for the second time the Rafah crossing border, Gaza’s only non-Israeli outlet to the outside world, to receive injured Palestinians and allow passing of food and medical supplies from the Arab countries into the war-torn Gaza strip.

The border was first opened on Thursday to allow the crossing of eleven injured Palestinians and 392 stranded Egyptian nationality holders.

It was closed yesterday by the Egyptian authorities following a clash between security forces and Palestinian militants at the opening of one of the tunnels in Egypt’s border city of Rafah.

The Egyptian security forces thwarted the attempts by the militants to smuggle 20 Grad rockets and launching bases from Gaza through tunnels.

But the border was reopened today as Israeli airstrikes continued to pound Gaza for the fourth day state, MENA news agency reported.

Meanwhile,demonstrators yesterday burned the Israeli flag in front of the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo to condemn the Jewish state’s offencive against Hamas militants, Youm7 reported.

Israeli jets bombed the Gaza Strip for the fourth day today killing 13 Palestinians, taking the death toll to 105, as the Jewish state was targeted by rocket attacks from Lebanon for the first time since the military offencive began.