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Don’t curb Press freedom, Nepal’s Opp warns government


Kathmandu: Nepal’s main Opposition Nepali Congress has warned the Communist government not to curtail Press freedom through a new criminal code that makes publishing confidential information, recording audio or taking pictures without permission a jailable offence.

Former premier and Nepali Congress (NC) president Sher Bahadur Deuba said the “Press freedom should not be curtailed on any pretext” and called on the Nepalese journalists to be ready to face any kind of challenge. Speaking at a programme organised by the Nepal Press Union in Chitawan district on Friday, he said the NC would not accept any kind of government interference to press freedom.

He was referring to the government’s new Criminal Code and Criminal Procedures Code which came into effect in August, amid fears that the new privacy provisions outlined in the codes would hamper free Press in the country. The government expects to reform the country’s legal system by replacing age-old ‘Muluki Ain’ through the new legislation. Deuba said the NC is always in favour of Press freedom.

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