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Defiant Nawaz continues road ally in Lahore


Lahore : With thousands of party supporters and admirers milling along the route, deposed Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday continued with his defiant procession down the ancient Grand Trunk Road, inching closer to his stronghold of Lahore in a bid to rally supporters after his ouster.

He stayed in Jhelum on Thursday night, where he told his massing supporters that the Supreme Court’s decision to oust him last month after a corruption probe was an “insult” to Pakistanis.

Families crowded on rooftops in Jhelum and celebratory gunshots were fired while the crowd chanted “Look who is here, the tiger is here”. The PML-N chief began his GT Road rally on Wednesday,  Sharif, also nicknamed the ‘Lion of Punjab’, addressed the crowd from a makeshift stage behind a bulletproof glass, his voice sounding tired with the long journey, but bold as he insisted his conscience was “clean”. Sharif is travelling in a bomb-proof vehicle especially designed for the journey, meant as a show of strength.