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Cuba mourns revolutionary leader Fidel Castro


Havana: Cuba mourned revolutionary leader Fidel Castro on Sunday as the communist island prepared to say its last goodbyes to the towering giant of its modern history with mass memorials and a four-day funeral procession, reports AFP. After the stunned commotion surrounding Saturday’s announcement that Castro had died at age 90, Sunday was set to be a day of calm preparations, with no official activities planned.The authorities did not give a cause of death. The polarizing leader, a titan of the 20th century who beat the odds to endure well into the 21st, was to be cremated on Saturday, the first of nine days of national mourning.

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A series of memorials will begin on Monday, when Cubans are called to converge on Havana’s iconic Revolution Square. Castro’s ashes will then go on a four-day procession through the country, before being buried in the southeastern city of Santiago on December 4. Santiago, Cuba’s second city, was the scene of Castro’s ill-fated first attempt at revolution in 1953 – six years before he succeeded in ousting US-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista.