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COP21: Hollande urges nations to adopt ‘unprecedented’ climate deal


London: Assuring that the Paris Climate deal is an ‘opportunity to change the world’, French President Francois Hollande urged the nations at the United Nations talks to adopt the final draft of the crucial agreement.

“We have to take that last step; the step that would enable us to reach our goal. And this would be a decisive step,” Hollander said encouraging the countries to sign the deal. According to the Guardian, French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius who led the negotiations, hailed the agreement as a ‘historic turning point’ in the climate negotiations.

“Today we are close to the final outcome. It is my deep conviction that we have come up with an ambitious and balanced agreement. Today it is a moment of truth,” Fabius said. After two weeks of haggling and debating by politicians and officials from across the world, the agreement promises to reduce emissions – sufficient to limit warming to somewhere between 2.7C and 3.7C above pre-industrial levels.

The final draft needs to be formally adopted by the plenary session at the talks and agreed unanimously. UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon also urged the countries to agree the deal saying that the world is watching and that the job should finally be finished.

The deal also recognises the determined campaign that has been waged by island states as well as vulnerable and developing countries for an agreement that acknowledges that science says 2C of warming is already dangerous and 2.7C, disastrous.