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Chinese woman saved after 38 hours in sea


Beijing: A 32-year-old Chinese woman has been saved by a fishing boat off the coast of Shanghai after being adrift at sea for 38 hours. The survivor, surnamed Fan, was rescued on Friday, local newspaper Zhoushan Daily reported.

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Fan fell into the sea accidentally from a cruise ship on August 10, enroute from Japan’s Fukuoka to Shanghai.            

She looked “quite well” despite minor injuries sustained from jellyfish stings and blistered arms from sun exposure, state run People’s Daily online reported.

Fan’s father said they were on a four-day voyage to Japan and Korea.   After discovering that his daughter was missing, he called the coast guard.    The coast guard said Fan may have fallen into the sea and that there was little hope for survival.

Luckily, Fan is a good swimmer.

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She managed to keep herself afloat in the sea until she was found by a fishing boat on the morning of August 12, the report said.