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Chinese hospital blamed after woman commits suicide


Beijing: A hospital in China has been blamed by the local government for the suicide of a pregnant woman who jumped to death as she could not bear the labour pain and give birth through vaginal delivery which her family had demanded, triggering an uproar on social media.

The woman jumped out of the window of the operation room in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province yesterday, investigators said, adding that the hospital had been negligent in the case that led to the suicide of the woman.

The investigation panel, composed of officials with the health and public security departments in Yulin city in Shaanxi, said that the case was a suicide and not a homicide, as angry members of the public had accused the woman’s family and hospital of being murderers, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

The investigation ruled that Yulin’s best hospital had been negligent in its care of the patient. The official case description said the woman had gone to the hospital on August 30 when she was very close to labour.

The hospital had suggested a Cesarean because a “large foetal head circumference meant vaginal delivery would be risky.” However, the woman’s family insisted on a vaginal delivery and signed papers accordingly.

On August 31, the woman walked out of the delivery ward twice to tell her family that her pain was unbearable, but she was escorted back to the ward both the times, the report said. The same night nurses found that the woman had jumped out of the window of the operation room as they called for emergency rescue.

She was pronounced dead of severe brain injury, multiple fractures and hemorrhagic shock. The child she was carrying has also died.

Investigators said that the hospital’s medical procedures were immaculate, but the staff failed to give due care and where not prepared for an emergency.

The investigation about the direct cause of the woman’s suicide is ongoing. Many people on social media questioned why the woman was not allowed to make her own decision on how to give the birth, the report said.