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China reports 422 giant pandas in captivity


Beijing: China aims to increase the population of giant pandas living in captivity to 500 by 2020 with the current number of the endangered animals living in santuaries in the country at 422.

In 2015, 43 cubs were born in captivity and 40 survived with 28 being twins, according to a statement by the State Forestry Administration (SFA).

China aims to increase the captive giant pandas population to 500 by 2020.

“The captive panda population enriches the gene pool, helping the species,” the statement said.

A total of 1,864 giant pandas live in the wild in China. The country has 67 panda sanctuaries, covering 53.8 per cent
of their habitat and 66.8 per cent of the wild population.

In the last five years, four giant pandas were successfully reintroduced into the wild.

The SFA said the reintroduction will continue, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.