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China: Man kills 3-day-old grandson born with cleft lip        


Beijing : In a horrifying incident, an elderly man in eastern China has allegedly killed his grandson by injecting him with a lethal chemical, three days after the child was born with a cleft lip. The boy, who was born on July 14, died at a hospital in Shanghai’s Chongming county on July 17 after being injected with potassium chloride, a prescription drug used with saline in transfusions which could stop the heart when injected directly into the body, state-run Global Times reported today. The elderly man and a doctor, suspected of providing the man with the drug, have been arrested. “The two were arrested for murder,” said an official from security bureau in Chongming but refused to provide details. The elderly man admitted he got the potassium chloride from a doctor surnamed Zhou who taught him how to use it before injecting the medicine on the baby’s head.