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Caught on camera: Woman robs money from Uber driver’s tip jar in New York


Uber drivers have been in negative light many times in the past. But, this time around, the tables were turned when an Uber cabbie got robbed during a trip. Apparently, a woman was caught on camera as she took off with all the money from her Uber driver’s tip jar in New York recently.

In a clip captured on the dashcam, she can be seen looking straight into the camera as she scooped out all the cash just before she and her friends got out. The girl used her scarf to cautiously steal the money when the driver was looking out through the window to search for an appropriate parking.

The driver only realised this after she left with his hard-earned money. He brought up the incident with Uber but was told that he would have to lodge a formal complaint with the police and submit the dashcam footage. Uber reached out to the woman, who claimed she did not steal any money.

As of now, the video has gone viral with more than 7,00,000 views so far.