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Awaiting new life: 14-year UK girl joins elite list of cryogenically preserved



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We all know that when there’s life, there’s death. But for some people life continues even after death or they want their life to continue even after death. And this is when a Cryogenic preservation of bodies comes in.

For those unaware of Cryogenic preservation: It is a process of preserving a human body at ultra low temperature in a hope that years later there will be advancement in medical science making it possible to revive a person.

In a recent incident, a British teenager has been cryogenically frozen in a hope that one day she’ll be cured and brought back to life. The girl before her death appealed in the UK High Court regarding her desire to be clinically preserved. After her death in a London Hospital on October 17 the court granted her wish.

Here are few other people who have been cryogenically preserved:

  • Dr James Bedford

Died on January 12, 1967, Dr James was the first person to be cryogenically preserved. A psych professor at the University of California, he wished to be preserved by freezing. It was a major milestone and since then cryonics community refers January 12 as ‘Bedford Day’.

  • FM-2030

You read it right. His name was FM-2030. Though he was born as Fereidoun M Esfandiary, he changed his name as it reveals his goal of living 100 years as 2030 marks his 100th birthday. It is also said that he predicted that the year 2030 will be ageless and everyone will have a chance to live life forever.

  • Jerry Leaf

He was the Vice-President of Alcor Life Extension Foundation. The USA-based foundation commonly referred as Alcor, researches and performs cryonics. And this was the only reason he was frozen after he died of cardiac arrest in 1991.

  • Dora Kent

Dora was the mother of Saul –a board member of the Alcor Foundation. In 1987, when she was suffering pneumonia and death was upon her she was taken to Alcor so that she can be preserved after death. Later they did the process in the absence of doctor. The coroner saw her headless body and suspecting it to be a murder demanded further testing. Though, the test claimed that Dora was alive when she was alive when they started the process. The members of the foundation were detained but no one was charged as nothing was proved in court.

  • Ted Williams

He was the most controversial cryogenically person with lots of court cases surrounding it. John-Henry Williams, his son, was firm that his father wanted to be preserved and his whole family should follow this as they could be united after advancement in technology. However, his daughter from his first wife argued that her father always wanted to get cremated. After much debate the result was in favour of his son.

  • John-Henry Williams

Yes! You guessed it right. He is the same, Ted’s son. After his death in due to Leukemia in 2004 he joined cryogenic bandwagon.

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