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Aviation expert claims has spotted MH370 wreck between India and Malaysia in Bay of Bengal


Malaysian Airlines, flight MH370

London : An aviation technology expert has reportedly claimed that he has spotted the remains of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 but needs 1.3 million pounds to find it.

Andre Milne, who has been investigating the case independently since the flight disappeared in March last year, has said that he located the wreckage in the ocean between Malaysia and India, reported The Mirror. He insisted that the debris in the Bay of Bengal must be probed. While remarking that the disappearance of the flight had touched every single person in different ways, Milne urged people to come forward and donate 6.70 pounds each to crowdfund a project aimed at verifying the remains lying in the Bay of Bengal.

The plane’s disappearance in March last year, along with 239 passengers and crew, baffled aviation experts across the globe. A rescue operation to locate the plane’s debris in the Indian Ocean has been going on for months but no trace of the flight has been found so far.