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Australian PM says he has no intention to quit


tony abbott

Canberra: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Monday said he has no intention to quit despite a decline in his popularity and growing questions about his leadership.

He made the statement during an address at the National Press Club in the capital city of Canberra, ABC reported.

However, he admitted he has suffered a couple of months of “hard times”.

He faced criticism for awarding a knighthood to Queen Elizabeth’s husband Prince Philip and suffered a shock defeat in state elections.

Abbott confessed that the government was facing tough times but said, “The last thing you want to do is to make your difficulties worse.”

“We were elected in 2013 because the Australian people rejected chaos and we are not going to take them back to that chaos,” he said.

Abbott also claimed to have full support of his deputy, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Canberra Times reported.

“Julie’s a friend of mine and my deputy, she’s been a terrific deputy, she’s been a terrific minister,” Abbott said.

“I believe I have her full support and I certainly look forward to continuing to have that.”