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Anti-Trump protests rage amid tear gas, grenades


Summer Zervos (R), who previously accused President-elect Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her, arrives with attorney Gloria Allred at Allred's office for a press conference in Los Angeles on November 11, 2016. Allred on Friday called on Trump to promise not to file a complaint against those who accused him of abusive sexual behavior, waving the threat of counter-prosecution. Allred asked the president-elect to retract his statements calling his accusers liars, and assure them he will not prosecute them. / AFP PHOTO / Robyn Beck

Portland (US) : Police hurled tear gas and flash-bang grenades in response to rowdy protests in Portland, Oregon, as people around the country once again took to the streets denouncing Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, reports AP. Portland police said on Twitter that they were investigating a report of a shooting and a possible injury on a Willamette River bridge that protesters were heading toward. They asked the public to leave the area. It wasn’t immediately clear if the report had anything to do with the protests.

On Friday night, they reported, again on Twitter, that tear gas was used in response to “burning projectiles” thrown at officers. Hundreds of people marched through the city, disrupting traffic and spray-painting graffiti. Authorities said vandalism and assault had taken place during the rally, which organizers had billed as peaceful earlier in the day.

In other parts of the country, spirited demonstrations on college campuses and peaceful marches along downtown streets have taken place since Wednesday. Hundreds joined a “love rally” in Washington Square Park in Manhattan.

Evening marches disrupted traffic in Miami and Atlanta. Trump supporter Nicolas Quirico was traveling from South Beach to Miami. His car was among hundreds stopped when protesters blocked Interstate 395. “Trump will be our president. There is no way around that, and the sooner people grasp that, the better off we will be,” he said. “There is a difference between a peaceful protest and standing in a major highway backing up traffic for 5 miles. This is wrong.”