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Afghan refugees seek 5-month extension to stay in Pak


Peshawar: Afghan refugees today sought at least a five-month extension from the Pakistan government to continue their stay as the biting cold is making it difficult for them to return to Afghanistan.

Afghan Muhajireen Mutahidda Alishura President Baryale Mian Khel, Pak-Afghan Transport President Muhammad Noor Ahmad Zai and other leaders told a press conference they were thankful to the Pakistani government for treating them as guests for 30 years.

They said they love Pakistan as much as they love Afghanistan due to the reception they have received so far.

They urged both the governments to chalk out a strategy for their safe settlement in Afghanistan and said the refugees have to start the life from scratch there as they have lost everything due to militancy.

They also urged the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to increase the relief amount of USD 200 per Afghan family, terming it insufficient for them to restart their lives in the war-torn country.

Condemning the massacre at an army-run school by the Taliban, they said it was a brutal attack and no religion allows killing of innocent children.

Pakistani authorities say there are millions of Afghan refugees on their soil.