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8 more death row prisoners executed in Pakistan



Islamabad: Eight more death row prisoners in Pakistan were hanged today across various jails of Punjab as the government resumed controversial executions following a month-long break during Ramzan that ended last week. On Monday, authorities resumed executions by hanging two death row convicts after a month-long break during Ramzan.

Three death row prisoners, including a father and his son, were hanged in Attock Jail. Both were convicted in a double murder case in the Attock police area. The motive behind the murder was a domestic dispute. The third convict was also found guilty of a double murder committed in 2003.

A condemned prisoner was executed in Sargodha’s district jail. The death row prisoner was convicted for killing a man in the Thana Atta Shaheed area in 2002. Another convict from Muzaffargarh was hanged to death in Central Jail Multan. He was found guilty of murder over a minor feud in 1996.

One death row prisoner was executed in a district jail. He was guilty of murdering a man in the city of Jalalpur Jattan back in 2001. The motive behind the crime was defined as personal enmity. One convict was hanged in district jail, Jhang. He was convicted of killing a man named over a land dispute in April 2001.

Local media reported the hanging of another death row prisoner in Kasur District Jail. He was convicted of a double murder. He was found guilty of killing a father and his son in 2001, Dawn reported.

Executions in Pakistan resumed in December last year, ending a six-year moratorium, after Taliban fighters gunned down 154 people, most of them children, at a school at Peshawar.

Hangings were initially reinstated only for those convicted of terrorism offences, but in March they were extended to all capital offences.

More than 8,000 prisoners are on death row in Pakistan and about 160 convicts have been executed since the Nawaz Sharif government lifted moratorium on death penalty.

The execution of convicted prisoners had been suspended for a month by the federal government prior to the commencement of Ramzan. The UN, the EU, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have called on Pakistan to re-impose its moratorium on the death penalty.