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300 Sikh, Hindu students displaced after school closure in Pak


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Peshawar: About 300 students, mostly from the Sikh and Hindu communities, were displaced after a private school was shut down over a tenancy dispute in Peshawar, the capital of Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

The Rising Hope school, in Mohallah Jogan Shah in Peshawar, was closed down by the owner of the property following a dispute with the school owner.

The KP Elementary and Secondary Education Department (ESED) stepped in and offered admissions to the displaced students in the government-run schools in their vicinity.

The ESED, which has no jurisdiction over the privately- owned schools, has seven schools – one of which is located near the closed school.

The ESED welcomes all students, including those from the Sikh and Hindu communities, to study in any of these government schools.