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100,000 North Koreans working abroad as slaves to fund Kim Jong-un’s lifestyle


London: Human rights activists say that nearly 100,000 North Koreans are being forced to work abroad as slaves abroad to fund Kim-Jong-un and his administration’s luxurious lifestyle. According to Daily Express, Ahn Myeong-chul, the head of NK Watch, a Seoul-based rights group, told the New York Times the country’s regime was “exploiting their labour and salaries to fatten the private coffers of Kim Jong-un.”

The rights group said that it suspected that Kim Jong-un was using some of the money to buy luxury goods for his elite followers and finance the recent building boom in Pyongyang that the North Korean tyrant reportedly launched to show off his leadership.

Activists said that a majority of the North Korean workers – close to 25,000 – were sent to Russia as slaves and their wages were collected by Pyongyang. Human rights groups say the conditions faced by many North Korean workers sent away to such arrangements are tantamount to slavery, the report added.