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  • rahul jain

    Idea for Power Generation

    My idea is to erect water turbines on every building which
    has a height of more than 30 meters at a distance of 10 meters each. So if a
    building has a height of 100 meters then install 10 water turbines in a single
    line 1 below each at a distance of 10 meters.

    Now have 1 water tank below on the ground floor with a
    capacity of 50000 liters.

    Place a water pump which can send the water on the top of
    the building and have a water tank on the terrace with a capacity of 50000

    Now just drop the water through a pipe with high speed jet
    on the turbines and they will rotate and produce electricity. This will be
    enough to light up the building, use to run the lift, air conditioners ets. And
    also surplus electricity to be sold to other smaller buildings.

    We can discuss this one to one if required you can call me
    and I can explain my number is WAAGADWJGG

    • Sunnykesh Shandilya some industry research on the fluid velocity before and after the impact on turbine blades. And, how much velocity gravity will generate at 10 meter. Also keep in mind mass flow rate of water, power generated by its impact on turbine, angular velocity achieved by any turbine ( get its mass and other design parameters)… Do some actual calculation, compare cost of installation and cost of electricity generated 🙂

  • Bhagyashree Kale

    Good Going…! really superb concept..

  • sadhana

    nice concept….good way to improve profitability…thanks for sharing…really impressed with the product features