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The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Painfully shy high school student Charlie (Logan Lerman) finds it difficult to make friends. At a game he befriends Sam (Emma Watson) and her stepbrother Patrick (Ezra Miller) who, on realising he has no friends, introduce him to their group. Charlie offers to tutor Sam so that she can improve her SAT scores and get admitted to a university of her choice. Charlie starts loving Sam even though she is already involved with someone else. Does Sam reciprocate his love and what is the significance of his flashbacks of his Aunt Helen who died in a car accident? Watch this coming-of-age movie for its portrayal of teenage issues and adolescent behaviour. The film with strong lead performances was also considered to be one of the best films of the year.

A Walk to Remember
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Threatened with expulsion from school for injuring a student, rebellious teenager Landon (Shane West) is given the choice to participate in a play where he meets Jamie (Mandy Moore), who he’s known since his kindergarten days. Jamie offers to help Landon learn his lines for the play provided he does not fall in love with her. He dismisses her remark as an outlandish idea and they begin practising his lines. On the day of the play, her luminous beauty and angelic voice mesmerises the audience and Landon falls for her. She confides that she has leukaemia and hasn’t been responding to treatment. Does their love overcome the ailment? Watch this film, based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel, which is considered to be one of the most romantic movies of all time.

Can’t Buy Me Love

films 2To help nerd Ronald (Patrick Dempsey) seem ‘cool’, cheerleader Cindy (Amanda Peterson) pretends to be his ‘girlfriend’ for a month in return for $1,000 and they agree to keep it secret. He leaves his loyal nerdy friends for snooty ‘hep’ students and undergoes a makeover. Cindy and Ronald start getting attracted to each other but following a misunderstanding they breakup. Following his outlandish behaviour, and out of anger, she blurts out the truth about their relationship in public. Now Ronald does not belong to the ‘cool’ group nor the nerdy one. Watch this teen comedy (which derives its title from a Beatles song) to see if he manages to patch up with Cindy and whether he reveals his feelings for her.

Risky Business

After his parents go on a trip, wealthy high school student Joel (Tom Cruise) drinks to his heart’s content, plays music loudly, dances Can't Buy Me Love (1987) Directed by Steve Rash Shown from left: Patrick Dempsey (as Ronald Miller), Amanda Peterson (as Cindy Mancini)in the living room in his briefs and calls Lana (Rebecca De Mornay) to spend the night with him. In some misadventures, his father’s Porsche rolls into a lake and all the furniture gets burgled by a person who tells him to buy it back. Now he needs to make enough money to get the car repaired and buy back the furniture before his parents return apart from passing an interview so that he is admitted to Princeton University. Watch this satire about privileged suburban teens to see if Joel manages to tie up all the loose ends before his parents return.

Rebel Without A Cause

films 4Three teenagers Jim (James Dean), ‘Plato’ (Sal Mineo) and Judy (Natalie Wood) are brought to the police station for different misdemeanours but all three are emotionally traumatised due to their dysfunctional families. Jim’s parents constantly quarrel, Judy craves for her dad’s affection and attempts to get close to him only alienate him further and Plato was abandoned by his father. Plato idolises Jim and Jim and Judy fall in love. Following a car race, Jim defeats ‘Buzz’ who dies in an accident and his friends seek revenge. So Jim, Judy and Plato (armed with a gun) head to an abandoned mansion. Do the goons find them, does Plato shoot them or do they reconcile with their parents? The appeal of the slick tale about the angst of teenagers can be judged from the fact that the studio which considered it a B-movie project later re-shot all earlier black and white scenes in colour.