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HighFive: Theme – Tom Cruise


Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation 

CIA Director Hunley (Alec Baldwin) and Director Brandt (Jeremy Renner) have the Impossible Missions Force (IMF) disbanded at a time when IMF agent Hunt (Tom Cruise) is trying to prove the existence of an international criminal Syndicate. Hunt gets blamed for the death of a Chancellor and goes all out to get a flash drive believed to contain names of all Syndicate agents. It is revealed to later contain a huge cache of cash. When Hunley, Brandt, and MI6 Director and founder of the Syndicate, Attlee (Simon McBurney), take the PM to a secure room, Attlee reveals himself as a disguised Hunt and has the PM confirm that the Syndicate is a classified project for covert missions. The IMF is subsequently reinstated. Watch the action spy thriller film’s thrilling resurgence.

Edge of Tomorrow 

films 2Following the invasion of Earth by aliens, Major Cage (Tom Cruise) with no prior combat experience, is forced to fight the aliens. He manages to kill an alien before dying covered in its blood, which gives him the ability to go back to a previous day. When he speaks of his situation to veteran Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), she trains him to improve his fighting skills and defeat the invaders. They decide to hunt down the mastermind, the ‘Omega’. Vrataski gets killed and Cage destroys the Omega and dies in its blood so he wakes up even before the alien invasion took place and the events never having happened. So he smiles when Vrataski behaves rudely with him. A well-crafted blockbuster sci-fi action thriller with great performances from the lead pair.

The Last Samurai

In the 18th Century, US Army captain Algren (Tom Cruise) is hired to train a force to suppress a Samurai rebellion led by Katsumoto. During a battle, Algren’s valour impresses Katsumotofilms 3 and he is taken to their village. Algren starts respecting the Samurai after realising Katsumoto’s rebellion is against Westernization, which would impact Japanese culture and customs. Algren vows to fight with Katsumoto against the Imperial army. The Samurai get gunned down but fight valiantly to the death and earn the respect of even their enemy. Algren presents Katsumoto’s sword to the Emperor, who realises that Japanese modernization should be in line with its own history and culture. Algren returns to live with Katsumoto’s sister Taka (Koyuki). The ‘uncommonly thoughtful epic’ with thrilling battle scenes and fine performances did well at the box office.

Vanilla Sky   

David (Tom Cruise) falls for Sofia (Penélope Cruz) which is detested by his ex, Julie (Cameron Diaz) who tries to kill herself and David in a car crash but she dies and he survives with films 4a disfigured face. Following surgery he starts seeing Julie instead of Sofia so he is placed in a mental institution. As treatment his body is placed in a dream state under the ‘vanilla sky’ painting. But, in his sleep, he incorporates elements from his subconscious, such as substituting Julie for Sofia. The film ends with David taking a leap of faith off the roof and he opens his eyes. The sci-fi psychological thriller derives its title from Monet’s painting and its ending is an explanation for ‘the mechanism of our confusion’ rather than telling ‘us what actually happened’.

The Firm

After bagging a lucrative job, Mitch (Tom Cruise) with his wife Abby moves to Memphis. In return for the money and perks in the form of a house and car, Mitch starts putting in long working hours. He realises that the firm’s work involves helping wealthy clients stash money in dubious tax-avoidance schemes. FBI agents inform Mitch that the firm’s biggest client is a Mafia family and tell Mitch to give them evidence to apprehend the mafia. But if Mitch helps the FBI, he risks disbarment and if he stays faithful to the firm, he may have to go to jail. So Mitch gives the FBI proof of overbilling, without breaking any laws and retains his status as a lawyer. Mitch and Abby return to Boston in the same car in which they arrived.